About Me

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (#2253).

I have over 20 years counselling experience as a pastor at an evangelical church.  I retired from pastoral ministry 2 years ago to work in private practice as a counsellor.


  • Diploma of Professional Counselling from Vancouver College of Counsellor Training
  • Master of Arts in Christian Studies from Trinity Western University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Trinity Western University​
  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage Assessment Facilitator​
  • Level 1 Certification - The Gottman Institute

About Counselling

​It's often hard to take the first step and contact a counsellor.  There are many mixed feelings such as hopelessness, shame, guilt, and sadness.   Studies show that people usually wait 7 - 8 years before contacting a counsellor to get help for their problems.  But it's never too late!   It's a leap of faith, but one that many people say is the best thing they did for themselves.

Step One

Set up an appointment.  You can set up a free 30 minute consultation with me either over the phone or via skype, facetime, or zoom.  If you would like to proceed with counselling then we will set up a 60 minute appointment.

I will email you an informed consent and intake form which is standard for anyone engaging the services of a counselling professional.  These short forms help you understand the counselling process and protect your rights and confidentiality.

Step Two

Meet with me.   During the first session we will discuss your emotional pain and problems.   In the next session we will set goals for therapy. For example if you experience anxiety your first goal might be to solve panic attacks, the second goal could be to stop worrying and third is to sleep better.  However these goals can be put aside for anything you would like to talk about, especially when a difficult situation arises during the week.

I may give you homework. (I know, you thought you were finished with homework in school.) But this isn’t difficult homework. I may give you relaxed breathing exercises or a cognitive behaviour therapy exercise. Some of the success in therapy depends on your follow through with these exercises.

Step Three

You choose when therapy is completed.  There is no fixed time that is guaranteed to resolve problems because you decide how much time you need and therefore choose when to finish counselling.