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"I was blind for many years!  I struggled to make sense of my circumstances and how they were impacting my emotional state, I was aching inside.  After a couple of sessions with Gabrielle I was able to gain powerful insights that increased my awareness, and finally set me on the right path toward healing and freedom.  I value her hard questions at the right time, her kind and respectful approach and her commitment toward seeing people fully restored."  

A few thoughts from clients who have met with me....

"I met with Gabrielle Wiebe for several sessions following a traumatic event from which I suffered anxiety and depression.  From the moment I met her I felt completely comfortable with Gabrielle. Her quiet, non-judgmental approach to my problems gave me immediate confidence. For the first time in my life I was able to talk about the trauma, not only about the recent event, but also about the past. And, for the first time in my life, someone really listened without interrupting or passing judgement. Gabrielle assigned cognitive exercises to do on my own time. They got me thinking clearly about past incidents and, in so doing, helped me to understand and forgive those who had hurt me.  The hours I spent with Gabrielle were healing times.”  ​​

My counselling experience with Gabrielle was helpful and delightful. I felt an instant sense of trust with her at our first session, and was able to dive deep into conversation immediately. Gabrielle’s gentle demeanor is comforting and affirming. She is professional and non-judgemental. She exudes genuine care and concern for her clients.”   

"Gabrielle saved our engagement and marriage by providing empathy and the tools necessary to build a healthy relationship.  She is truly an angel.  She gave us hope which cast away the fear we had of marriage.  Also her husband offered a male perspective which was greatly appreciated.  I'm really at loss for words; there are non adequate enough to describe the experience.  If you're looking to heal and release the heaviness of the pain you're carrying, then Gabrielle provides a safe place to talk."